Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spyware - What Is It?

The computer plays a substantial part in people's everyday lives. PCs have covered anything from banking to gaming systems. Irrespective of where you look these days, someone is employing some kind of computing device. Nevertheless, one forgotten issue a large number of individuals don't take into consideration is spyware assaulting their machines. Most people are focused entirely on computer viruses and the like, but usually, malware and various other varieties of malicious programs are simply just unnoticed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hacktivists and Hackers Are Coming and So We Have to Watch Everyone Online Now - They Say

You are being watched online. Okay so, no surprise there, and maybe just that fear might stop some people from doing bad things, you know humans often do bad things, that is to say you can't always trust them (understatement). Still, in our country, we do have a Constitution, and bill of rights with passages regarding search and seizure laws and for good reason too. Of course, the government lawyers might say yes, but if you are using the Internet or WiFi you are communicating through the airwaves, phone lines, and/or outside your home and therefore, the FCC has jurisdiction and thus, it's free game, well, maybe it might be legal from their perspective, but is it right?