Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Reasons Microsoft Security Essentials Is The Best

You get home from a hard days work, and you sit down to relax by starting up your computer and surfing the web. Your friend sends you an email with an interesting link, and writes that you really need to click this link. The next thing you know, your computer starts acting crazy and a sickening feeling starts in the pit of your stomach, you are infected.

But this scenario does not have to happen to you, not when Microsoft Security Essentials is available as a free download. The internet is not a safe place, and you definitely need protection before opening that web browser or email message.

First Reason Is It Is Free And Simple To Use
The only real requirement to run Microsoft Security Essentials is that your PC must be running genuine Windows, the application will need to verify that your Windows key is genuine before you download and run the free application. Once that is done, the application can be installed and it will automatically perform updates and a scan once it is installed.

This antivirus application is simple to use, it actually performs all of its future updates and scans in the background and updates itself automatically. You don't have to do anything, it is designed to run when the computer is idle, so this antivirus application will not slow you down or bog down your applications.

Second Reason Is The Color Coded Security Status Icon
Once you have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, the icon in the task bar will keep you informed of the security status of your computer. Green means everything is ok, red or yellow lets you know there are problems. The application will actually tell you what to do from the icon, you don't even have to open the application from the Program Files.

Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically update in the background, downloading the latest virus definitions seamlessly, you won't even know its working in the background to keep your computer safe. And that old computer of yours that you stopped using a long time ago can also run this friendly application and get back out on the web.

Third Reason Is It's Outstanding Features

    Instant Protection: Runs all the time in the background.
    Scans Your Computer: Without bogging it down.
    Cleans Your Operating System: Removes unwanted virus and spyware.
    Integrates With Your Windows Firewall: No firewall configuration issues.

When you are trying to relax and surf the internet, worrying about your computer becoming infected will no longer be a problem, and you have now discovered 3 reasons Microsoft Security Essentials is your best antivirus protection. It offers outstanding features like instant protection and real-time scanning without bogging down your computer. It also will alert you with a color-coded status icon in the task bar, warning you that there is an issue that requires your intervention. But I believe the best reason is the price and its simplicity of use. You simply install this application and it does the rest, allowing you to surf the web with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Gene Smyth is the marketing manager for a great telescope resource website called Best Telescopes reviews.

Gene has over 10 years experience in the technology industry and his main hobby is backyard astronomy. He feels that this would be an awesome family activity that not only will bring your family closer together, but may spark an avid interest in science that will follow your children for the rest of their life.