Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Reasons Microsoft Security Essentials Is The Best

You get home from a hard days work, and you sit down to relax by starting up your computer and surfing the web. Your friend sends you an email with an interesting link, and writes that you really need to click this link. The next thing you know, your computer starts acting crazy and a sickening feeling starts in the pit of your stomach, you are infected.

But this scenario does not have to happen to you, not when Microsoft Security Essentials is available as a free download. The internet is not a safe place, and you definitely need protection before opening that web browser or email message.

Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Identify Fake Anti-Virus Software

Today, people from all over the world are doing whatever they can to keep their computers virus free. People are becoming more, and more educated on ways to avoid accidentally downloading a virus that can wreck havoc on their computer. Spam email use to just be a nuisance as it filled up your inbox, but now more often than not a spam email can contain unwanted virus software that may be difficult to get rid of once your computer is infected with it. Although these problems can be bothersome, they are easy to avoid by applying some restraint in not opening unfamiliar emails, and using some common sense. Unfortunately, there is a menace that some people are not even aware of when it comes to computer viruses - fake anti-virus software.